Pharmacy Chain

PyongSu currently counts 11 pharmacies in Pyongyang & Pyongsong. Three pharmacies in Nampo, Wonsan and Hamhung have received the final permits and should open in 2018. In addition, the Ministry of Public Health has granted PyongSu Pharma with an extra 3 pharmacies in key locations of Pyongyang (January 16, 2018).


PS pharmacies PY Mar2014

PyongSu pharmacies have paved the way for a clean, well balanced pharmaceutical distribution landscape where affordability and quality are key success indicators. Bringing foreign expertise and industry know-how into the country, PyongSu pharmacies contributed to a better healthcare system by upholding a simple set of principles:


  • Prequalified suppliers
  • Strict rules on expired products
  • Pricing uniformity across the network with the patients’ best interest in mind
  • Market surveys to guarantee constant supplies and needs
  • A carefully chosen portfolio that covers up to 85% of the disease spectrum
  • Constant contact with hospitals and clinics within the vicinities of each pharmacy to better feed the supply chain

Alongside certified pharmacists, all our Pyongyang outlets have an onsite general physician, providing free consultations, to best meet the needs of our customers.

Further to being the only European pharmaceutical Joint Venture in North Korea, PyongSu is among the very few joint ventures altogether to have an onsite foreign Managing Director with permanent residency status (at present and since 2009, Mr. Lardinois, from Belgium).