Since it became operational in 2004, Pyongsu has been manufacturing both western and traditional Koryo medicines. Our manufacturing activities are centered around tablets (up to 187 millions per year, per shift) & capsules (up to 57 millions per year, per shift).

With a HVAC 100,000 manufacturing area & a new wing set to double our production capacity as of spring 2014, Pyongsu will continue to be the leader figure of the pharmaceutical arena in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

GMP certified under WHO guidelines by French certifying agent, Certipharm, since September 2011, Pyongsu mainly supplies the International Federation of Red Cross & the Ministry of Public Health with essential medicines.



PyongSu products list (August 2017)


No Product Name Specification Unit
1 Amoxicilin Capsule 250mg*1000T box
2 Amoxicilin Capsule 250mg*100T box
3 Cholramphenicol 250mg*1000T box
4 Cholramphenicol 250mg*100T box
5 Ciprofloxacin 250mg*1000T box
6 Ciprofloxacin 250mg*100T box
7 Doxyciclin Capsule 100mg*60T box
8 Erythromycin Capsule 250mg*100T box
9 Tetracyclin 250mg*1000T box
10 Tetracyclin 250mg*100T box
11 Tetracyclin 250mg*60T btl
12 Teramycin 100,000IU*120T box
13 Aspirin 300mg*1000T box
14 Enteric-Aspirin Tablet 250mg*500T box
15 PyongSu Spirin 250mg*100T box
16 PyongSu Spirin 250mg*60T btl
17 PyongSu Spirin 250mg*10T pcs
18 Paracetamol 500mg*1000T box
19 Paracetamol 100mg*1000T box
20 PyongSu Cetamol 250mg*60T btl
21 PyongSu Cetamol 250mg*10T pcs
22 Anti-thrombosis Aspirin Tablet 50mg*100T box
23 Diclofenac 25mg*100T btl
24 Metronidazol 250mg*1000T box
25 Metronidazol 250mg*50T btl
26 Cotrimoxazol 480mg*1000T box
27 Cotrimoxazol 480mg*40T  


28 Cotrimoxazol 120mg*1000T box
29 Albendazol Tablet 200mg*100T box
30 Mebendazol 100mg*60T btl
31 Mebendazol 250mg*1000T box
32 Family Medical kit 24 kinds of drugs
33 Omeprazol Capsule 20mg*60T box
34 Salbutamol 4mg*1000T box
35 Vitamin C 100mg*1000T box
36 Vitamin C 100mg*20T btl
37 FerroZinc 90T btl
38 Zinc Sulfate 20mg*100T box
39 Nutritious Tablet 500mg*400T box
40 Jiryong Anti-thrombosis Capsule 250mg*100T box
41 Bone-strengthening Capsule 200mg*150T box
42 Silimarin Tablet 35mg*100T box
43 AngungUhwanghwan 2g*6T box
44 Samjikuyopchohwan 0.3g*200T box
45 Ryukmihwan 1g*100T box
46 Omija Syrup 250ml box
47 Bojungikihwan 0.5g*400T box
48 Kwibihwan 1g*200T box
49 Puzarijunghwan 1g*200T box
50 SamhyangUhwangChongsimhwan 3.75g*10T box
51 RyongSinhwan 1g*30T box

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