For Suppliers

PyongSu is always interested to introduce new products onto the North Korean market. We welcome suppliers to get in touch through this website using the contact form.


A national coverage

Our pharmacy coverage of the cities of Pyongyang & Pyongsong, as well as our numerous contacts with local hospitals, clinics and government entities throughout the country make us the ideal choice in North Korea.

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No registration needed

Though it has been announced that laws and regulations may change in the future, newly imported products do not need to be registered with the Ministry of Public Health. This means that our business relationship may begin as soon as the terms have been agreed.

The information we need from you

When contacting us, do make sure to include the following documentation:

– Your entire products list with the generic names

– Your Minimum Order Quantities and corresponding prices

– Your credentials

Providing the above will result in your query being dealt with within a few days.

Payment terms

PyongSu Pharma, over its 10 years of operation, never defaulted a single payment to its suppliers, establishing a solid reputation as a reliable partner. Our traditional payment terms are 90 days after delivery unless specified otherwise.

Bulk import – Repacking – Other options

Beyond the distribution of imported finished products, PyongSu’s cGMP certified manufacturing facility also offers possibilities for semi finished products bulk import, repacking and contract manufacturing. Suppliers interested in exploring such avenues are invited to contact the Managing Director, Mr. Lardinois.