Make a difference

Did you know that with just 0.06 Euros,

you can help a child recover from a cold or flu?

Did you know that with just 0.05 Euros,

you can help someone with diarrhea recover in a few days?

Thanks to our experience producing for International Organizations, we know what to manufacture to cover the needs of the population of North Korea.

And, with our Joint Venture partner directly under the Ministry of Public Health, we also have access to a distribution network all across the country.

What we offer is a way for donors, whether a small group of individuals willing to make a difference or a bigger structure involved on a professional level, is a completely transparent approach to medicine manufacturing and distribution.

Our latest campaign, through Fundrazr ( is one of the many challenges we, at PyongSu, regularly undertake to make quality medicines available to all. 

Typically, PyongSu takes approximately 2% handling charge of the total donated amount. This contribution is reinvested in equipment, maintenance and development. Any amount donated is not subject to taxes under the laws of the DPRK. 

There are several reasons as to why this low margin business model works for Pyongsu. First and foremost, in a country where the health care system is predominantly free, contributing to the lack of medicines is a humanitarian challenge we gladly undertake.

But Pyongsu is a business organization and shareholders demand results: The pharmacy chain we have developed over the years brings in steady incomes and allows the company to think ahead with a positive approach. While the Ministry of Public Health and relevant authorities help us expanding our pharmacy chain, we make sure that our production facility contributes to the health care system by manufacturing for donors, providing technical assistance to other neighbouring factories and coordinating the visits of foreign experts.

To see what essential medicines PyongSu currently manufactures and their sales prices, click on the PDF document below. For distribution to hospital and clinics, plastic bottles of 500 to 1000 tablets are used, to further reduce costs.

PS Products 2014.9

To Donors, We Provide:

  • Detailed and comprehensive financial data on your order
  • Information on raw and packing materials, including origins
  • Production and delivery schedule
  • Quality control test reports upon order completion
  • Number of patients covered
  • Number of clinics, hospitals and institutions covered
  • A final report with the entire process from donation to distribution