About us

June 2002: Foundation of PyongSu.
Jun 9, 2004: Inauguration. Following successful test runs , the manufacturing facility is fully operational.
Sep 2004: Successful production of the PyongSu Spirin.
Apr 2006: PyongSu establishes its first pharmacy, offering Pyongsu products as well as medicines imported from suppliers worldwide.
Mar 2007: WHO visits Pyongsu in preparation of International GMP certification.
Apr 2007: PyongSu is Korean GMP certified by the Quality Certification Centre of the DPRK.
Feb 2010: PyongSu counts 5 pharmacies.
Dec 2010: PyongSu purchases a fully automatic capsule filling machine to enlarge the products portfolio.
Jan 2011: PyongSu wins a bid to produce essential drugs for the Ministry of Public Health.
Feb 2011: PyongSu wins a bid for 4 orders with the International Federation of the Red Cross resulting in a framework agreement valid until March 2012. Four new products are added to the existing kit.
May 2011: Independent Singapore laboratory TÜV SÜD PSB Pte Ltd contracted by the IFRC head quarters in Geneva certifies that all essential drugs produced by PyongSu for the Red Cross are in accordance with the relevant pharmacopoeia and up to international standards.
Aug 2011: PyongSu counts 8 pharmacies.
Sep 2011: PyongSu receives its International GMP certification by French certifying agent Certipharm.
Jan 2012: PyongSu acquires a film coating machine.
Feb 2012: The IFRC extends its framework agreement with Pyongsu until January 2013.
Mar 2012: PyongSu branches out to manufacturing 3 products in cooperation with Kim Il Sung University.
Feb 2013: PyongSu renews its Framework Agreement with the IFRC.
Jun 2013: PyongSu manufactures 7 Koryo medicines products.
Nov 2013: First pharmacy outside of Pyongyang is secured – Pyongsong city.
Mar 2014: New Framework Agreement signed with the IFRC.
Apr 2014: First Export of PyongSu products (to Malawi) for NGO Good Neighbors International
Jun 2014: PyongSu celebrates its10th anniversary, construction of the new wing begins
Sep 2014: Certipharm audits PyongSu and renews cGMP certification until 2017
Oct 2014: Completion of new wing