Pyongsu Pharma

Manufacturing & Distributing quality medicines since 2005

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Key Player in the DPRK

The result of an alliance between Parazelsus & Pyongyang Pharmaceutical Factory, Pyongsu Pharma brings in new development strategies while incorporating international and local business ethics. While we strive for perfection by maintaining International cGMP level, we are also developing a pharmacy chain & wholesale operations across the nation.


We are a HVAC 100,000 GMP certified manufacturing plant, producing tablets & capsules, western & traditional (Koryo) medicines, for International Organisations & local distribution through our network of 10 pharmacies & wholesale activities.

The Future

Pyongsu will develop its pharmacy chain across the nation while expanding its wholesale operations. With the completion of our new wing, we will double our production capacity by the end of 2014, offering new possibilities for contract manufacturing & large scale distribution.

Donor Manufacturing

Did you know that 26,700 Euros worth of Mebendazole will treat 333,000 people? And that 140,760 Euros worth of Co-trimoxazole will treat 1,012,650 people? Visit our donor page our contact us for more information on how to make a difference.